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Holiday Activities and Food Programme - Spring holiday 2022

Does your school want to support children receiving benefits-related free school meals over the schools holidays?

Over the spring (Easter), summer, autumn (October) and winter (Christmas) holidays, children aged between 5 – 16 years (year 11 inclusive) receiving benefits-related free school meals are eligible for free holiday activities and food. During 2021 schools helped us deliver over 60,000 sessions to over 10,000 individuals.

This spring school holiday, please share this holiday activities and food (HAF) leaflet with eligible children and their parents, to help spread awareness of the activities and food available to eligible families.

We need your help to continue supporting children and families over the 2022-2024 holiday periods. You can support your children in the following ways:

  • Tell your eligible children about the holiday activities and food (HAF) programme
  • Run your own HAF sessions with our guidance and support
  • Use your own sports providers or wrap around service to run sessions
  • Provide premises (which we’ll pay for) to enable community delivery from external partners.

Benefits of the programme for your children:

  • Eat healthily over the school holidays
  • Be active during the school holidays
  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character and wellbeing along with their wider educational attainment
  • Be safe and not to be socially isolated
  • Have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition
  • Be more engaged with school and other local services.

To find out more about HAF, visit our website and visit the schools and professionals section.

If you have any queries about HAF, contact: