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Help spread the word - booking system now in place at West Bridgford Recycling Centre

For the attention of Schools in the Rushcliffe area

Nottinghamshire County Council has recently introduced a booking system for West Bridgford Recycling Centre to help control visits to the site in a safe and managed way.

We'd appreciate it if you could feature this update in any communications you send out to parents/guardians  e.g. newsletters & emails, to help spread the word.

So what's changed?

From 1 September 2020 only pre-booked vehicles will be allowed access to visit West Bridgford Recycling Centre. Residents can book a slot to visit the site online here.

Booking slots are available every 15 minutes from 8.15am to 7.45pm (during summer operating hours), with five available slots per 15 minutes and can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Any booking needs to be completed at least 24 hours prior to the appointment and there are no same day appointments available.

Residents can visit any of the other 11 recycling centres in the county without booking a slot.

Why has a booking system been introduced at West Bridgford?

The West Bridgford Recycling Centre is a small site that is difficult to manage with regards to social distancing meaning that only a limited number of vehicles can safely be on the site at any one time. This has unfortunately been causing significant congestion along Rugby Road and the surrounding road network.

With the local school reopening for the new school year in September there are additional safety concerns around vehicles overtaking. Since COVID restrictions have been relaxed many business and facilities have started to reopen and the traffic management procedures we had in place that utilised the Rushcliffe Arena car-park are no longer possible.

Safety is our number one concern so it was therefore decided that, to alleviate these problems and ensure the West Bridgford site can remain open safely, a booking system should be implemented.

Further information can be found online at