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Ditch the distraction

A new safety campaign is being relaunched in Nottinghamshire this term to keep county school pupils safe on the roads. 

Ditch the Distraction is an award winning campaign devised by Nottinghamshire County Council to remind children and teenagers to keep their mobile phones, headphones and i-pods away while they are using the county’s roads. 

Countless research studies show that thousands of pedestrians across the UK often cross roads while using a gadget without paying proper attention. 

The campaign aims to reduce the number of accidents involving 11 to 18 year old pedestrians – many of them involving young people wearing headphones or with their heads down using their phones. 

Ditch the Distraction will get its message across through street art positioned outside every secondary school in the county and a number of other local schools. The street art takes the form of large vinyls, strategically positioned on the pavement outside schools with the key safety message. 

The campaign is being supported by Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership featuring Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. 

The campaign, a runner-up in the Local Government Awards for community safety, urges young people walking near the road or cycling to keep their mobile phones and headphones in their pocket or bag until they are in a place where they can use it safely.