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Scoping request from IGas Energy

The County Council has received a Scoping Request from IGas Energy for a site to the north-east of Misson in Bassetlaw.  

The Scoping Request marks the firm’s first steps towards preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which would need to be submitted as part of any future planning application to undertake shale gas development in Nottinghamshire.

If the firm decides to submit a planning application, the development will involve exploration of the site using test drilling to check the suitability of the rock for shale gas extraction. No hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ would be undertaken as part of this initial site development.

A Scoping Request is part of the initial preparations of an Environmental Impact Assessment to accompany any future planning application. The Scoping Request sets out the main environmental issues that IGas believe need to be considered as part of any future planning application. The County Council reviews the Scoping Request and shares it with other organisations for comment and feedback. 

The information and comments is used by the County Council to prepare its response to IGas, known as a Scoping Opinion. It highlights any additional information that the County Council feels should be included in the Environmental Impact Assessment which will be prepared by IGas and submitted with any future planning application.

An Environmental Impact Assessment is legally required for significant developments in environmentally sensitive areas.