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Further consultation to be carried out on Tinker Lane shale gas proposal

Further public consultation is required before Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee can consider a planning application for an exploratory shale gas well-site on land off the A634 between Barnby Moor and Blyth.

Dart Energy is seeking planning permission to undertake exploratory drilling for shale gas at the site, known as Tinker Lane. The application is for exploratory drilling, to check the suitability of the rock for shale gas extraction. It is not seeking permission to carry out any hydraulic fracturing, ‘known as fracking’.

New information relating to air quality issues has been provided by the applicant, which local residents, statutory consultees and other interested parties will have a 21 day window to register their views on.

The new consultation will only cover the latest information provided and is likely to start in the next seven to ten days. It will be advertised in the local press and on site notices.

The Planning and Licensing Committee is likely to consider the application following completion of the consultation on a date to be determined.

The County Council has already carried out detailed consultation work on the remainder of the application, seeking the views of over 40 organisations, including statutory consultees, neighbouring local authorities and landowners, County Council departments, national Government departments and agencies and wildlife organisations during last year.

The application is for the development of a shale gas well site which would involve the drilling of one vertical exploratory shale gas well, together with three sets of groundwater monitoring boreholes and ancillary works.

Permission is sought for a temporary period of up to three years, with drilling taking place for approximately four months. During drilling, operations would take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At other times, works would take place between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and 7am and 1pm on Saturdays, with no working on Sundays or bank holidays.

The vertical well would be drilled to a depth of up to 3,300 metres and the drilling phase would require an average of 12 HGV movements per day, along with ten light vehicle movements. The delivery and removal of the drill rig would take place over two, two week periods and would generate an average of 26 HGV movements and 20 light vehicle movements per day. 

Sally Gill, Planning Manager for Nottinghamshire County Council said: “It is important that members of the public and other interested parties are given an opportunity to comment on every element of the application. In light of new information from the applicant about air quality matters, we are arranging for a further three week consultation on this issue.
“Further information about the consultation and when and how people can register their views will be released shortly. We hope to announce a date for the Planning and Licensing Committee to consider this application in the near future.”

For further information about shale gas development, including the role of other regulatory bodies and issues the County Council can take into account when determining the application, go to: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/shalegas