Emergency advice service

We are unable to provide financial support or furniture directly to people in emergency situations. The information below suggests organisations that might be able to help in different situations and emergencies. 


Food banks can supply food parcels to people in need. To get this support you need a voucher from a health care professional (such as a doctor or health visitor), social worker or Citizens Advice Bureau. Most food banks require a referral from an agency. General referral agencies for a food bank include Jobcentre Plus, Citizens Advice Bureau, District Councils and Children's Centre Service. Find your local food bank and Notts Help Yourself (search 'Food').

FOOD Clubs

FOOD Clubs (Food On Our Doorstep) are an initiative developed by national charities Family Action and Fare Share. As part of the Trailblazer programme, the Council’s Public Health Team and Children’s Centre Service is working with district and borough councils and community groups to set up 30 FOOD Clubs over the coming year. Currently there are eight established, but more will be added over coming months. Please visit Food On Our Doorstep - Family Action (family-action.org.uk) for more detail.


If you need financial support whilst awaiting your first benefits payments, either a new claim, a first payment of an increased benefit or a first payment since a change in benefit circumstances you may be eligible for a Short Term Advance from the Department for Work and Pensions. We have a range of information on benefits you may be able to claim. 

Managing finances and debt

These organisations may be able to offer support in managing finances and dealing with debt:

Furniture and household goods

If you receive means tested benefits and need to purchase non-emergency items for your home which you cannot afford from your regular benefits payments (for example, furniture, electrical appliances) you may be eligible for a Budgeting Loan from your local Jobcentre Plus.

Local credit unions provide assistance in finding affordable credit:

Furniture suppliers:

Housing and rent

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, contact your local Council for Housing Benefit advice and assistance.

Gas, electricity and water

If you are having difficulties paying for your gas and electricity contact your supplier immediately. Support and advice on paying your fuel bills: 

Relationship breakdown

We all have arguments and fall out with people, it’s a natural part of relationships. The relationships our children see between the people they love affects their happiness and wellbeing, so it’s crucial to show your child that the adults they love can manage their arguments and relationship in a healthy way. For more please visit Relationships Really Matter: Notts Help Yourself.

If you are having difficulties as a result of a family breakdown these organisations might be able to help:

Support for people from abroad

You can find information at the British Red Cross refugee support page

Health and disability

Many health and disability organisations offer financial support to people in their client groups. There are too many to list here but to find ones that might be able to offer support you can:

  • search online for appropriate organisations and contact them to see what support they might be able to offer
  • look for your condition on NHS Choices and see if they list any support groups.

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