Upcoming courses and events

Due to the most recent announcement from central Government, all NSCP multi-agency training courses have been suspended with immediate effect up until 30 April. All planned events will be re scheduled for a later date.

Please can we remind partners that our suite of 20 e learning courses will continue to be available by logging on to : https://nottscc.learningpool.com/login/index.php

To book onto any of our training events you need to go to our course login page.

Please Note: As from April 1st 2020 we have implemented a new revised charging policy which may affect some organisations who do not contribute financially to the Partnership. E.g. Schools, District & Borough Councils, Fire & Rescue service. For more details please see our charging table at the bottom of this page.

Once Logged in you will see all the course details including dates, event aims, trainers/guest speakers and target audience.

If you haven’t already created an account you will need to do so, please scroll down to bottom of this page for more information about how to do this.

Dates for 2020/21

Dates for 2019/20

Prior to the Event

  • You will initially receive a provisional offer of a place, then a confirmation e mail will be sent 3 weeks prior to the event. (This is to ensure we have a good multi-agency mix). If you are unsure if you have a place or for any other training queries, contact Sarah Bale:

Please note: YOU need to cancel your place if unable to attend and you can rebook onto another event if required.

After attendance at the Event (you need go back into your account to):

  • Complete a short electronic evaluation form
  • Print off your certificate
  • View your own training log of all NSCP training attended or e learning completed

Account Information: Please note if you do not use your account for 18-24 months, we may suspend it. If this happens, and you cannot access your account please contact sarah.bale@nottscc.gov.uk who will be able to re-instate your account quickly.

Creating a new account:

  • (NCC staff – can access all our courses via My Learning My Career).
  • Go to course log in page (link at top of this page)
  • Click on Create New Account (green bar). You then need to complete: your email address/set up a password and insert your organisations registration key. Then under More Details – you ONLY need to complete Managers Name/phone/ email in this section. Then click Request Account.You’ve then done - It only takes a few seconds!

N.B. You will only need to use the key the first time you register, then after this you can just log in with your username and password. If you are unsure of your registration key e mail Sarah as above. Schools only - Please do not use head@ email addresses to create an account as email addresses need to be unique to the person wishing to attend.


NSCP Safeguarding Children Training

Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership provides multi-agency safeguarding children training events and e learning for people whose work is primarily based within the county of Nottinghamshire.  

The following schedule for Nottinghamshire based staff sets out whether you will be charged at the point of accessing training.


Applicable to



Nottinghamshire County Council staff

No charge (covered by annual partnership contribution)


NHS provider organisations and CCG staff providing services in the county

No charge (covered by annual partnership contribution)


Police staff providing services in the county

No charge (covered by annual partnership contribution)


Partner organisations that contribute to the partnership (typically through national funding arrangements – National Probation Service, DNLR CRC)

To be allowed free training places up to the value of their contributions for staff providing services in the county.


Partner organisations that do not make an annual partnership contribution

Charge at point of access (this would include for example; all schools, District & Borough Councils, Fire & Rescue Service, CAFCASS)


Private non-profit organisations, including community interest companies and community benefit societies.            


1 Free place per setting per year (for Designated Person/Safeguarding Lead) on each course

Course charges apply for any additional places


Voluntary/community organisations with a turnover below £150,000



Private profit-making organisations

Charge at the point of access



E Learning:

Applicable to

Charge (access to all modules)

Organisations in groups 1,2,3 and 4

No charge (covered by annual partnership contribution)

Organisations in groups 5, 6 and 7

0-5 registered users - no charge

6 – 50 registered users - £100 per year

Group 8

£25 per licence per year


A charge of £40.00 will be incurred for non-attendance at any training event unless at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is given (this excludes weekends)  This charge will still apply if non attendance is due to sickness.