External training opportunities

Understanding animal welfare in violent homes

The aim of this module is to raise awareness amongst professionals, whom as part of their role visit homes of children or adults in their care or under their supervision. Often issues with animal welfare should act as a prompt to investigate potential issues with the family. By understanding animal welfare needs and recognising signs of abuse and neglect in family pets, professionals could be better placed to formulate a bigger picture of domestic settings. By prompting them to investigate potential issues helps them to protect children and adults in their care, especially with over half of all households having a pet.

 “When animals are abused, people are at risk; when people are abused, animals are at risk.”

To register visit: www.understandinganimalwelfare.co.uk

FGM Home office e-learning

A free online course is available called 'Recognising and preventing FGM'. It includes an assessment and following completion a certificate can be printed off. 

It is useful for anyone who is interested in gaining an overview of FGM, particularly frontline staff in healthcare, police, border force and children’s social care.  

To register visit www.fgmelearning.co.uk.

Please note: even if you have accessed Virtual College e learning courses  in the past via our website , you need to register again as a new user for this course as this is a different account for the Home Office e learning.

Forced marriage e-learning

A free online course developed by Virtual College and the Government  is now available called Awareness of Forced Marriage. It  takes  approximately 1.5 hours  to complete. This course is aimed at all professionals who have a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable children, young people and adults at risk.

The module should enable you to:

  • recognise the warning signs of forced marriage
  • take the right actions to protect the potential victim
  • cooperate effectively with other agencies.

To register visit the Safeguarding children e-academy

Radicalisation e-learning

A free on-line course is now available called: Channel General Awareness. It only takes 25- 30 minutes to complete.

The module should enable you to:

  • explain how channel links to the government's counter-terrorism strategy 
  • describe the channel process and its purpose
  • identify factors that can make people vulnerable to radicalisation
  • define safeguarding and risk ownership of the channel process. 

The module contains some very good case studies. Please note: as you work through these you need to click on the individual numbers/headings on the pages to give further information. If these are missed, it will show that the section is not complete.  

To register visit the channel general awareness website

Grow-Wise – The Essential 0 to 19 Child Development Programme

Developed by Nottinghamshire County Council and the University of Nottingham, Grow-wise™ is a practice focussed and research led learning resource, aimed at all frontline practitioners working with families, young people, and children.

Contrary to the assumptions we might all make, it is apparent that not all staff involved in working with children and young people are adequately trained in child development, and are therefore not always able to assess the developmental needs of those children, and facilitate timely intervention.

As this is an E learning programme it contains between 10 to 15 hours of content, so learners would do this course over a period of time. This course is free to all Nottinghamshire County Council employees, but costs do apply to other organisations. Prices start as little as £13.50 per head.

For further information contact:

View an introductory module – summarising the content and format of the programme.

Further training opportunities across Nottinghamshire

Throughout the county there are a number of partner agencies who offer inter-agency training in a variety of areas of practice which are relevant to safeguarding children.

Substance use and related issues

Let's build:

Domestic violence

Equation offer expert training for anyone who wants to develop skills in responding to domestic abuse in their working life, including frontline professionals, community workers and volunteers.

Whatever your role, Equation can develop your skills in spotting the signs of abuse, assessing and supporting survivors, and responding to perpetrators.

A range of free courses are regularly available as well as specialist and bespoke training. Full details of latest availability is available at www.equation.org.uk

Teenage pregnancy training programme 

Visit our teenage pregnancy and sexual health training page for more information. 

Local Authority training for schools and FE colleges

Visit our safeguarding in schools training page for more information.