Self-Neglect Guidance

As a result of recent Safeguarding Adults Reviews, NSAB identified that there was a gap in its guidance in relation to Self-Neglect.

Taking on board the feedback we received from discussions held at three well-attended Multi-Agency SAR Learning Events held in the County at the end of 2017, the Safeguarding Adults Strategic Team began the job of writing an initial draft guidance.

This draft guidance document, roughly split into three categories, covers:

  • 'top tips' for frontline practitioners and a process flowchart
  • needs and risk assessment tools
  • legal considerations and information on Complex Case Panels.

However, we wanted to gain the views of the people who would actually be using this document with the adults they support, so we recently held two events for frontline practitioners to come and give us their views and opinions; one in the County, and one in the City.

As this is an initial draft document, we wanted to know:

  • what do you like about the Self-Neglect Guidance document?
  • what could be better?
  • is there anything else you’d like to see included in the Guidance?

Over the course of the two workshops, attended by over 80 staff across both the City and the County, we received a great deal of positive feedback about the document so far, and many positive and constructive suggestions for developing the document further. The comments we received over the two sessions are currently being collated and consolidated, and will directly inform the future evolution of the Self-Neglect Guidance tool.

Again, this is quite a piece of work, but we intend to have the next draft version ready towards the end of November 2018, and will then have an online consultation period for any further comments or suggestions, prior to the document going to both Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Safeguarding Adults Boards for approval.

Please keep an eye out for communications from the Safeguarding Adults Strategic Team regarding these consultations, as we value your contributions towards the development of this guidance document.

14 November 2018:16:38