Safe and well checks for oxygen users

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) relaunched their Safe and Well Visits last August (previously called Home Safety Checks).

As well as looking at fire safety, NFRS is now working in collaboration with partner agencies to offer advice on falls, keeping warm during winter, stopping smoking and alcohol intake. This is called a Safe and Well Visit, that in addition to fire safety, is tailored to an individual’s need relating to their health and lifestyle choices.

How are people identified for a Safe and Well Visit? Anyone can apply directly themselves, or they can also be referred by professionals, such as GP, Police, Nurses, and Social Workers.

There have been a few incidents where Oxygen tanks were found in properties and NFRS can offer guidance on how to safely store these in the home.

If you are supporting someone who you think may benefit from a Safe and Well Visit, please contact Notts Fire and Rescue Service on 0115 838 8100 or visit

10 May 2019:10:38