Performance targets

As you’ll be aware, Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board collects data from all the safeguarding adults referrals received into the MASH. We use these statistics to help focus our work where it is needed, as well as to highlight good work and challenge ourselves to improve performance in certain areas.

As part of this, we use performance targets which we aim to achieve via the work of the Board and its partners. As we continue to work towards all adults at risk being asked what outcomes they would like from the safeguarding process, in line with making safeguarding personal, we have increased our targets continuously over the last four years.

For information, last year we achieved 81.7% against a target of 80% for the measure Percentage of service users asked what outcomes they wanted

  • The target for this is now 85% (in the last quarter, we achieved 81.9%)

Last year we achieved 84.8% against a target of 80% for the measure.

Proportion of adults at risk lacking mental capacity who are supported to give their views by an IMCA, advocate, family member or friend

  • The target for this is now also 85%. (in the last quarter we achieved 82.4%)

We would like to thank our partners for their work in achieving previous targets and continued support in working towards these improved goals, ultimately supporting the adults we work with to have their voice heard within a section 42 safeguarding adults enquiry.

19 August 2019:15:17