NSAB partnership event May 2019

The NSAB Partnership Event took place at Rufford Mill in May.

Allan Breeton launched the Board’s first prevention strategy which outlines the aims for the prevention work that will be undertaken over the next two years. Partners were then asked for their feedback about what their organisations are doing in terms of prevention and discussed opportunities to work together.

A presentation from Rev. Susan McIvor and Donna Bernard-Carlin about Safeguarding practices within their different churches gave partners a real insight into how much work the different denominations are involved in with respect to safeguarding. Many interesting and thought-provoking conversations followed about how agencies could link in with this.

Following on in the theme of prevention, Sarah Houlton and Dave Banks from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards Department and Rushcliffe Borough Council (respectively), delivered a joint presentation entitled “tackling fraud against the vulnerable”. This gave everyone lots to think about in terms of keeping the most vulnerable in our communities safe and how we can all work together to achieve this.

Thank you to both presenters and delegates for supporting this event. The next partnership event will be on Tuesday 19th November at Rufford Mill and will focus on safeguarding and sports.

Action for readers:

Keep an eye out for emails with details of the upcoming partnership event in November.

19 August 2019:15:09