Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board update

NSAB Meeting – 11 January 2018

Brief summary:

  • updates on the Learning and Development, the Quality Assurance and the Safeguarding Adults Review Sub-Groups were provided by their respective Chairs
  • the Board was provided with updates on the inquest into the drowning of a young boy at Beeston Weir, including Broxtowe Borough Council’s ongoing attendance at the Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership (NWSP). It is hoped that other District Councils can attend the NWSP meetings in future 
  • the Board received a further assurance update from the County Council regarding Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). An update was provided, following the recent National DoLS Review. Resultant figures place the County either average or above-average in ranking. DoLS will continue to be a six-monthly agenda item on NSAB Meetings
  • a revised version of the Board’s Risk Register was discussed and agreed. The primary aim is to identify and address risks that will affect the functioning of the Board and/or prevent it from achieving its strategic plan. The secondary aim is to detail risks to individual organisations over which the Board has no direct control but should be sighted upon. The new approach will mean that partner organisations will raise any risks that the Board needs to be aware of through the “Organisational Updates” standing agenda item at Board meetings
  • an update was provided on the IICSA, including the "Terms and phrases relating to child sexual abuse" document and an update on recent convictions and actions relating to Operation Equinox
  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) gave an overview of the work on the Grenfell Tower fire and the work done in Nottinghamshire following this
  • the Board were updated following a Coroner's Inquest, where a smoker died in a fire caused by the person smoking on an Airflow Mattress. NFRS and the County Council’s Integrated Community Equipment Loan Services (ICELS) team are working together to address learning outcomes from this.

Strategic Plan

The Board met in January to review the success of its three-year Strategic Plan 2015-2018 and to begin development of its next Strategic Plan for 2018-2021.

Review of the Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The Strategic Plan for 2015-2018 is coming to an end.   All of the measures set by the board at the beginning of the plan were reviewed – we are pleased to report that all of the measures set have either been achieved or are ongoing with a view to successfully being completed by the end of March 2018.


Initial Benchmarking (year end 14/15 unless stated)

Current Position

Percentage of referrals leading to Section 42 enquiries
(Target 55% - HIGH IS GOOD)


56.8% ⬆️

Percentage of those who were asked their desired outcome

(Target 77.5% - HIGH IS GOOD)

(15/16 year end)

75% ⬆️

Percentage of those asked whose desired outcomes were fully achieved (No target agreed – HIGH IS GOOD)


(15/16 year end)

74.2% ⬆️

Percentage of those asked who were satisfied with their outcome (No target agreed – HIGH IS GOOD)


90.8% ⬆️

Percentage of those where risk has reduced or been removed

(No target agreed – HIGH IS GOOD)


65.5% ⬆️

 Percentage of enquiries that involved adults with a previous enquiry in a  12 month period (Target 14% - LOW IS GOOD)


15.7% ➡️

Percentage of adults at risk lacking mental capacity who are supported to give their views by an IMCA, advocate, family member or friend (Target 77.5% - HIGH IS GOOD)

(15/16 year end)

79.6% ⬆️

Amongst the measures the board agreed at the start of the plan were some agreed targets relating to the work affecting individuals.  It was particularly pleasing to see the progress made with these measures:

Developing the Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The Board also spent time planning for the next Strategic Plan.  This is still in development and it is hoped that we will be able to sign it off at the next NSAB meeting in April.  There were some really useful discussions with service user engagement and ‘real’ service user feedback identified as key areas of development for the board next year.  Watch this space in the next edition of the NSAB e-bulletin.

06 February 2018:16:04