Message from the Independent Chair

Dear colleagues,

We are facing a period of unprecedented uncertainty and strain upon the services most needed to support those at risk of abuse and neglect within Nottinghamshire.

The Board is continuing to operate in its statutory function, overseeing the safeguarding of adults across Nottinghamshire, in conjunction with its statutory partners, the local authority, police and health, as well as its many partners. Limited board meetings will be taking place via skype in order for partners to keep abreast of current developments with the social situation regarding COVID-19, as well as addressing any changes in safeguarding adults reporting behaviour during this period.

Our aim with this edition of the ebulletin is to provide you with some useful resources to support your important work at this time of national emergency.

On behalf of Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuing hard work, under these most extreme  of circumstances, delivering vital, high quality services to support those adults most at risk in Nottinghamshire.

Stay safe everyone and best wishes.

Allan Breeton

06 April 2020:12:25