Competency Framework and Learning Pathway updated

During 2017, we reviewed and updated NSAB's Competency Framework and Learning Pathway in order to identify any gaps in the Framework.

Identified gaps included:

  • user engagement/self-neglect
  • domestic abuse
  • coercive and controlling behaviour
  • causing others to make enquiries.

We also formed a multi-agency Training Reference Group to consider the gaps in the Framework and how best to cover them and developed a Learning and Development programme for 2017/18 detailing all multi-agency training available via NSAB.

NSAB's Learning Pathway incorporates national standards; supports local strategic aims and promotes the need for cultural change for agencies who support adults at risk

The learning opportunities outlined are based upon minimum standards and what outcomes specific groups of staff should be capable of achieving.

The levels of competence those groups of staff should hold remains the responsibility of each organisation to measure with their own performance management processes.

The Competency Framework and Learning Pathway profiles four groups of staff which may have different levels of responsibility to safeguard people

Competency Framework and Learning Pathway [PDF].

You can use this document:

  • for staff, to provide clear, relevant and proportionate learning and development opportunities
  • for management and senior staff: to measure competencies and identify gaps in knowledge/ training
  • to provide assurance to your organisation and commissioners of your service that your staff have attained relevant competencies.

For more information, please contact the Safeguarding Adults Strategic Team.

06 February 2018:15:56