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Carers have a range of roles regarding safeguarding – they can be the person who raises the concern, themselves be vulnerable to harm and abuse, or can be abusers themselves.

We know that risk of abuse increases when the carer is isolated and not getting any practical or emotional support from their family, friends, professionals or paid care staff. Within the closed environment of the Covid-19 pandemic this has been a concern for the Board and partners, especially given that 4.5 million individuals in the UK became unpaid carers within a matter of weeks.

Carers Trust East Midlands Carers Services support over 800 family carers and the people they care for across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.  They offer a flexible, professional care service to people of all ages with a range of health conditions and disabilities.

Carers Trust have produced the following videos which give a powerful insight into the lives of carers, discussing services from Carers Trust and the impact of Covid-19.

You can find links to these videos below:

Audrey Barnes -

Kath Oakley –

If you receive care from Carers Trust: They will be in contact with you directly if any service provisions change.

If you are a carer: Carers Trust recently made the decision to cancel face-to-face support groups and drop in sessions. They will be in touch with regular attendees when these services resume. Some groups for carers are moving online: please follow the Carers Trust East Midlands Facebook page for the latest updates (

If you have any concerns or queries about Carers Trust services, please contact them on 0115 962 8920.


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