Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board update - 12 April

Brief summary

  • updates on the Learning and Development, the Quality Assurance and the Safeguarding Adults Review Sub-Groups were provided by their respective Chairs:
    • as part of the Learning & Development Sub-Group, LeDeR work within the County was discussed and it was agreed six-monthly reports covering ongoing LeDeR work will continue to be brought to the Board
    • as part of the Safeguarding Adults Review Sub-Group, a Task and Finish Group has been coordinated to look at potential learning opportunities around improving or further focussing guidance & framing for families and carers, and GP record-keeping, particularly in cases where Service Users have LD and care and support needs
    • the Quality Assurance update provided up-to-date data around the measures agreed as part of the NSAB Action Plan. Further work is underway to pull more granular detail from this data
  • the Board signed off the year three Strategic Plan for 2015-2018, with outstanding actions being carried forward to the new plan
  • the Board ratified the Strategic Plan for 2018-2021. Allan Breeton thanked Members for their positive feedback from the Development Day on 11 January 2018, stating that it had directly informed the Strategic Plan for 2018-2021. Sub-Groups will subsequently bring updates on their respective work against the new plan at the next Board Meeting
  • DCI Allen gave a short presentation around the risks, factors and recommended steps to take when a Police staff member is suspected or found to be abusing their position to gain sexual or emotional favour from a member of the public. He explained that this was brought to the Board to raise awareness of this issue and ask that any staff from any Board Member here report any such concerns directly to the Counter-Corruption Unit or directly to himself if required. It was noted that in cases involving Adults with care and support needs, a referral to MASH would also be appropriate
  • Amanda Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer for Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group, took Members through a presentation on the GP Safeguarding Toolkit. The PowerPoint presentation covered basics of GP role expectations around Safeguarding Adults as per the Safeguarding Toolkit. This self-assessment tool is voluntary at present, but due to the newly-begun and ongoing CQC inspections for all GPs, GPs will be aware that this toolkit is a mutually beneficial process as it also safeguards the GP
  • Allan Breeton gave a Chair's Update, which included brief updates around the East Midlands Safeguarding Adults Network (EMSAN) and the National Chairs Forum
  • organisational Updates were given:
    • Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has an upcoming CQC review
    • EMAS has changed its referrals process: where before staff physically called the EMAS Safeguarding Team for advice and referrals, staff are now expected to complete an online form and submit it to the Safeguarding Team
    • Nottinghamshire Police has just undergone a restructure of senior officers and their responsibilities. More detailed information will be made available soon.
    • Healthwatch has almost completed a draft of their initial report following the 243 surveys undertaken. This is expected in April 2018
  • both Allan Breeton and the Board thanked Rob Morris, Consultant Physician, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust for his excellent contributions to the Board, as he has recently left his post as Board Member.


11 May 2018:09:38