NSAB Adult Abuse Awareness Survey 2018

One of the identified priorities with Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board’s 3-year strategic plan 2015-2018 was to improve and increase the level of understanding among the general public and staff about:

  • what abuse and neglect is
  • when and how to report abuse and neglect to Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
  • what happens after a report is made to the MASH
  • what concerns are not abuse or neglect and how to report these using alternative pathways
  • what everyone can do to prevent or reduce the risk of abuse or neglect occurring.

In order to identify whether we have improved and increased the level of knowledge and understanding on these points over the course of our three-year plan, it is necessary to know where we started. So in 2016, we undertook an abuse awareness survey aimed solely at members of the public (not caring professionals) in order to be able to use this information to understand the current levels of awareness, and then be able to compare and contrast this information to evidence the journey we have been on and what impact that has made on levels of awareness of abuse and neglect and how to report it amongst the general public.

Now we have come to the end of our three-year plan, we are repeating the survey, over an 8-week period between 11 April and 4 June 2018 via online public consultation, and paper copies of the survey in Nottinghamshire County libraries.

Action for you:

Please encourage service users and their families (not staff) to complete the online survey:

Please note: This survey is aimed at members of the public, not caring professionals

11 May 2018:14:40