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We’re on the hunt for Recycling Champions across Nottinghamshire

23 September 2020

Vice Chairman of Communities and Place, Councillor Phil Rostance Nominate a Nottinghamshire Recycling Champion

Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s recycling and waste contractor) are looking for recycling champions from across the county.

If as an individual, a family, household, school, community group or charity you’ve been recycling, reusing, or re-purposing more - or wasting less and would like to feature as one of our Recycling Champions tell us about your recycling efforts. Or if someone you know is a recycling champion nominate them.

Councillor Phil Rostance, Vice Chairman of Communities and Place at Nottinghamshire County Council said “Making environmentally conscious choices is now becoming a lot easier in our everyday lives. If we all make small changes it can help make a big difference. This Recycle Week, the County Council want to celebrate the small everyday changes that residents across Nottinghamshire have made to help reduce, reuse and recycle more through our Recycling Champions campaign. It’s a great way for us to recognise residents that are doing their bit for the environment whilst helping inspire others to make a positive switch.”

Some ideas for nominees are those that have been making simple switches, for example:

- Considering packaging choices and buying loose fresh produce rather than packaged.
- Using up leftovers and checking use by dates to ensure things hit the deep freeze rather than go to waste.
- Remembering to rinse and recycle bathroom plastic bottles (shower gel, shampoo, cleaning products) and the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls.
- Learning how to mend and repair broken items that previously would have gone to waste.
- Using a reusable coffee cup for a daily caffeine fix or  visiting some of the Nottinghamshire refill stations with a reusableable water bottle.
- It's an oldie but a goodie! Reusing carrier bags and remembering to keep a spare handy either in a handbag or in the car.

However, you've been helping Nottinghamshire to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle more we'd like to hear about it, and we have a £50 shopping voucher to award one randomly selected recycling champion at the end of Recycle Week. Residents can nominate a Recycling Champion via the Veolia website  

Find out more about how Nottinghamshire is supporting Recycle Week by visiting or via Nottinghamshire County Council’s social media accounts, check out #NottsRecycles for competitions, tips and advice and much more recycling goodness!


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