Unitary authority needed to protect the future of adult social care services

01 October 2020


Councillor Tony Harper, Chairman of the Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee and the Health & Wellbeing Board at Nottinghamshire County Council makes the case for local government reorganisation and how it is essential to protect adult social care services.

Over the coming years nowhere will demand be greater than in adult social care, and as chairman of the Adult Social Care Committee at County Hall, I’m passionate about making sure these services are protected and maintained for the residents of Nottinghamshire.

To help us achieve this, I believe Local Government Reorganisation is essential, and that only a single unitary authority will release the amount of resources we need to sustain services over the long-term.

It’s very clear to me that the structure of local government in this county must become more efficient than it is now. We need to ensure every penny goes to the right places.

Owing to Coronavirus, a hole in our budget has appeared virtually overnight to the tune of around £45 million, of which around £20 million is attributable to the extra work we have had to undertake in Adult Social Care and Public Health.

As we move through this year and into 2021, protecting communities from COVID-19 is one of our top priorities and we continue to work daily with all tiers of national and local government and our partners to keep people safe. But we must also look further ahead. This means making the most of the opportunities that can make local government in Nottinghamshire more resilient and help the county recover and work its way back to economic prosperity.

For residents, there is a benefit in joining up welfare, health, social care and housing services in one place. The ability to be able to plan around needs, rather than policy is a move that would put the interest of residents first and foremost.

A single unitary solution would enable us to continue to deliver adult social care services across the same footprint as we do now, but in a more coordinated, less complicated way.

We would be able to work alongside hospitals, primary and community health services, mental health services, housing, the community and the voluntary sector to ensure integrated prevention, care and treatment for our residents.

I’d ask people to have a look at our website Your Nottinghamshire Your Future, where you will find all the information you need to know about the future of local government and why it is the right time for change.

We can make savings by reducing the duplication and waste that currently exists, and those savings will ultimately protect frontline services like adult social care.

Therefore, I’m supporting a bid for local government reorganisation in the form of one single Nottinghamshire Council.

Put simply …….it’s better, simpler and saves taxpayers money


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