Successful green travel scheme returns for second year

26 June 2019

Travel Choice  travel by bus

Last year more than 4,500 residents in Hawtonville, Newark, had the chance to receive free travel advice on their doorstep through the County Council’s Travel Choice scheme to encourage walking, cycling, public transport use and car sharing around the town.

This two-year scheme is funded by £845,000 from the Department for Transport, with local contributions from Nottinghamshire County Council. The project aims to help residents, businesses, jobseekers and school leavers to explore different ways to travel around Nottinghamshire and help to improve local air quality, improve access to employment, tackle congestion and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Of the 950 households in Newark that accepted the offer of personalised travel information last year, 65% of those surveyed stated the information they received was useful in helping them to consider their travel options and 32% changed the way they travelled as a result of the scheme, with more residents walking, cycling and driving less.

Next month the Travel Choice team will be returning to Newark to support a further 4,500 households in New Balderton, Balderton and the Lincoln Road Estates to explore their travel options.

Postcards are being delivered to households in late June to let residents know that a travel advisor will be visiting in early July over a period of three to four weeks. Households will be given the chance to ‘opt-out’ so a travel adviser doesn’t call. Similarly, households can choose not to take part when a travel advisor calls. Following conversations with the residents, the Travel Choice team will send a free, personalised ‘travel pack’ full of local transport information and maps showing local walks, cycle routes and public transport offers.

Councillor John Cottee, Communities and Place Committee Chairman said: “We know that many residents are already making sustainable transport choices and are also improving their fitness by walking or cycling. I hope this free travel advice will motivate even more people to explore their travel options and make some small changes like leaving their car at home for short journeys, car sharing or giving public transport a go.

"The County Council has a long-term plan to help promote sustainable transport and improve air quality. Encouraging more people to consider walking, cycling and catching the bus is a key part of this plan. "

The Travel Choice team is also working with students and jobseekers to support them into employment, apprenticeships or further education by informing them of various travel options. Local businesses are also getting involved with the chance for their employees to get advice, cycle training, wellbeing checks, cycle maintenance and other support to encourage them to choose healthy and sustainable ways to commute to work.

A similar scheme is being rolled out in Mansfield next month.

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