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Safety at schools: countywide campaign aimed at families dropping off and picking up children

17 October 2020

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Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a countywide campaign to encourage parents to keep their distance when dropping off or picking up their children from schools.

The campaign is to ensure safety and travel guidelines are highly visible, to remind parents about social distancing, and to help keep families safe. Wraparound notices have been put up on lampposts outside schools across Nottinghamshire. It’s the first time that lamppost notices have been used in this way.

The campaign also encourages walking, cycling or scooting to school where possible, or ‘park and stride’, driving and making the last part of the journey on foot. This is to reduce traffic congestion around school premises.

The council has been working with schools across Nottinghamshire since children returned to school in September, and during the summer to help them prepare for the autumn term.

Social distancing had been raised as an issue at a small number of schools at drop off and pick up times. The campaign uses lamppost wraparounds as noticeable reminders in busy places.

The campaign is one way that the council is working to try and reduce coronavirus transmissions in the county, now that both the city and county have been put into the ‘high’ level of risk category.

Councillor Philip Owen, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee Chairman said:

“The safety of children and their families must always be top priority. I am aware that there have been occasional problems with social distancing at the beginning and end of the school day, when there are larger groups of people around, although the vast majority are following the rules.

“I understand that at times it can be easy to forget about keeping your distance, when you are focused on your children, or want to catch up with other parents. This is just to remind parents and families about the importance of following the guidance.”

This campaign is just one part of communications to schools and parents that the County Council has been involved with, to help them understand the guidance and give them practical advice.

More information for parents and carers is available on the back to school webpage below, which includes school transport travel advice and a useful infographic about getting to school.

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