Return unsafe toy dolls brought across the county, parents urged

23 December 2019


Nottinghamshire County Council's Trading Standards Team has issued a warning about unsafe dolls that have been on sale this Christmas.

The dolls, described as ‘Sweet Fashion Doll’ and ‘Girl Beautiful Doll’ have been found to contain high levels of phthalates. This chemical is added to toughen plastic but it can harm children's health, causing possible damage to the reproductive system.

Consumers who have bought these toys are advised not to give them to children. They should be returned to wherever they were bought from and buyers should inform Trading Standards.

It is thought that the dolls may have entered the UK through a number of different importers and have been supplied across the country.

The dolls originate from China, are individually boxed and of poor quality. It is understood they have been on sale for between £1 and £3. They come in a variety of outfits but have language on the box which makes little sense.

Trading Standards advise the following:“The last thing anyone wants is Christmas ruined by their child becoming ill because of a toy they have been given. We are urgently asking anyone who has bought one of these toys to return it immediately to the shop they bought it from, and then contact us.

“We understand the financial pressures people are under at the moment, but I’d urge parents to resist the temptation to buy cheap toys like these. They will carry none of the required quality marks and will likely have been subjected to no product testing at all.”

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