Nottinghamshire County Council working with partners to minimise A52 closure disruption

12 February 2020


Congestion caused by the closure of the eastbound A52 at Clifton Bridge has caused major congestion around Nottingham since Thursday of last week. Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with Via East Midlands has been working in collaboration with Highways England and Nottingham City Council to minimise the impact as much as possible.

The Council immediately suspended all non-emergency works by both Via and utility providers on all diversionary routes in the vicinity. This has included the monitoring of upcoming proposals for works until the situation improves.

The Traffic Control Centre for the city and county has also increased the monitoring of traffic in the area, with engineers adjusting the timings of traffic signals to improve the flow of traffic as much as possible.

Gary Wood, Group Manager for Highways at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Due to the ongoing closure of the A52 Eastbound at Clifton Bridge, we are working with Highways England and Nottingham City Council to ensure that traffic can move around the Nottinghamshire network as freely as possible.

“This has involved us working with utility providers and other organisations to remove or reschedule works along any diversionary routes in the area, as well as adjusting the timings of traffic signals to aid flow.

“We have also been working with Nottinghamshire Police to manage critical public transport routes in the County.

“We sympathise with road users and when a major route such as this suffers a closure, disruption is inevitable, but rest assured we are doing all that we can to support other agencies and are monitoring the situation.” 

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