Nottinghamshire County Council set to unveil ‘masterplan’ to invest in its buildings to benefit communities

06 February 2020

countyhall2.jpg Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing a long-term, major investment plan to improve and relocate several offices to ensure they are closer to the communities they serve. 

The £28 million masterplan aims to modernise Council offices, create more carbon neutral buildings and also generate income by leasing buildings with higher running-costs. 

The five-year strategy, which will be discussed and subject to approval at next week’s Policy Committee (Wednesday 12 February) outlines a range of proposals to look at the Council’s buildings to make sure they are located in the right place to deliver the best value for money for residents.

Council Leader, Councillor Kay Cutts, MBE said  

“We are investing in Nottinghamshire.  These plans will benefit communities across the county and bring opportunities for growth and improved services in the long term.

“These plans will save money and improve the quality of services and are essential to bringing  services closer to the residents who need them the most, wherever they live in our county.

“We have brought all our Council building plans together to look at this issue as a five -year masterplan as we want to create more energy-efficient, modern council offices.

“We are an ambitious, forward-thinking council and we owe it the taxpayers of Nottinghamshire to make this investment.” 

The proposals have been based on a number of factors including where services are most needed and where council offices are currently based, identifying offices with high running costs so savings can be made and exploring  income-generating opportunities such as  commercial leasing  or co-locating  with other public organisations.    

The proposals include:
• The creation of new Council offices located at the planned new village at the site of Top Wighay Farm, which will benefit the local economy.
• Refurbishing Council buildings across sites including  Beeston, Carlton and County Hall in West Bridgford, with aspirations to develop a new civic conference facility at County Hall with the potential to be hired-out for small-scale commercial use.  
• Designs to ensure Council buildings are more carbon neutral and energy-efficient. 
• Identifying an approximate £1 million worth of saving in running costs.
• Cutting down on  travel time for residents by bringing services closer to them.
• New Council buildings at Worksop and County Hall, West Bridgford. 
• Commercial leaseholds at Trent Bridge House, West Bridgford and Sir John Robinson House, Arnold to help generate income.
• A redeveloped County Hall site to be the new home for the county’s extensive archives collection to help showcase Nottinghamshire’s unique history and heritage. 


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