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Nottinghamshire County Council on standby to do its ‘grit’ whatever the weather

30 September 2021

Winter may bring snowflakes, ice, and cold temperatures to mind, but flooding and storms are also weather conditions that council and Via staff prepare for all year round.

The 2020/21 winter season saw 109 outings for our 30-strong fleet of gritters which are driven by our fleet of Via drivers, and preparations for potential adverse weather this year have once again seen 17,000 tonnes of salt arrive in Nottinghamshire to be stored at four depots.

Between October 2020 and April 2021, our team of gritting drivers drove over 101,000 miles and spent the equivalent of 16 days and nights nonstop on Nottinghamshire’s roads.

The last year has also seen winter teams respond to flooding and storms despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Neil Clarke MBE, Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee, said: “Winter is almost upon us again, and thanks to the work of Council and Via staff we are well prepared and stocked for the coming season.

“Last winter saw a number of significant flood events, and we would like to assure our communities that we are here to protect and support them in all weathers.

“Of course, we cannot predict what kind of winter we will face, however, by ensuring preparations continue all year round, we are in a good position should adverse weather arrive in Nottinghamshire.

“Although restrictions due to the pandemic have now eased compared to this time last year, our winter operations will still operate with the safety of our staff at the heart of them.

“From tomorrow (1 October) our dedicated team of Via gritter drivers will go on part-time stand-by. This marks the start of winter, which for them, will often mean being out at night on one of 23 gritting routes, treating the 1,712km of road while we are enjoying time at home with our families.

“We would also like to recognise other staff who will be busy supporting communities in the months ahead to make sure that we are there for you in all weathers.”

Visit our winter weather and disruption page to find out more and sign up to our winter emailme bulletin:

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