Nottinghamshire celebrates GCSE results day (2020)

20 August 2020

For students across Nottinghamshire, GCSE results day today (Thursday 20 August), marks the culmination of years of study. This year, students have completed their GCSEs under extraordinary circumstances and have engaged with their learning at home for the final months of their courses, with grades awarded through teacher assessment.

Commenting, Councillor Philip Owen, Nottinghamshire County Council's committee chairman for children and young people’s services said:

"Congratulations to Nottinghamshire’s young people, most of whom will be celebrating their results. Their success is in the context of a world-wide pandemic and students in 2020 should feel very proud of their achievements.”

GCSE reforms which began in 2015 have now completed and students will have received numeric gradings from 9 to 1 in all subjects, where a 4 is equivalent to a C in the previous grading system.

Those students who do not feel their calculated grade reflects their ability will have the opportunity this year to sit an exam in the autumn term - for GCSE exams, this will be in November.

“For most students, they will be progressing further with their education and will now be able to confirm their sixth form or college courses, apprenticeship or work placements. For those who choose not to follow the traditional route of higher education, young people in Nottinghamshire have more choice than ever before when it comes to making important decisions about their futures”, added Coun Owen.

“Nottinghamshire’s looked after children are a priority for this Council and we are particularly proud of their achievements and will continue to support them as they progress with their education, learning or work-based employment.  We strive to offer stability in the support we give to them so that they each have the chance to achieve to the best of their ability and go on to get qualifications and skills that will help them build a rewarding and fulfilling future.

“For a small number of young people who may be disappointed with their achievements, I am grateful to schools and the dedicated teachers who will ensure that support and independent advice and guidance is available to allow these students to continue with their education in the most appropriate setting.”

“Over the past five months we have been particularly concerned about the emotional well being of our young people and how they have been affected by their schooling changes, and the need to follow government guidance throughout the pandemic. Our services have worked with schools and other partners to develop nationally-recognised resources to support the wellbeing of our young people. As schools return in September, student wellbeing will remain at the forefront of what will be expected for our young people. “

Nottinghamshire County Council places families, education and skills firmly at the heart of its vision.  

Coun Owen went on to say: “We are committed to all of our students and families and seek to ensure that all of our education partners, trainers and other providers are dedicated to helping students become a confident, well-educated skilled workforce of the future for businesses in Nottinghamshire.

“GCSE outcomes are a foundation for the further learning that needs to take place at Key Stage 5 - A levels and their equivalent - and beyond.”

The exam results helpline, delivered by the National Careers Service, is available until 28 August to provide additional support to students and their parents as they receive their exam results. Support will also be available on topics such as the autumn 2020 exam series. Phone: 0800 100 900

Ofqual has published resources for students receiving their qualifications this summer.  

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