Newark Bypass hailed as major boost to regional economy

30 September 2019

The leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has said that plans to upgrade a major Nottinghamshire road will be a huge economic boost to the region and beyond. 

The government has confirmed that fourteen major roads in England will be upgraded as part of a £25 billion plan to improve local infrastructure. The plan includes improving the A46 Newark bypass by turning it into a dual carriageway bringing major strategic and economic benefits both locally and nationally.

Councillor Kay Cutts (MBE), Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council welcomed the announcement: “This scheme is a vital strategic infrastructure project that will bring far reaching benefits to the region and the wider parts of the UK. The A46 is worth an estimated £150 billion to the UK economy so this scheme has major national significance. The highway around Newark is crucial to the transport corridor from Immingham Docks down to the M5 in Tewkesbury and this trunk road has been at the top of the list for major improvements for many years.

“This is a key route which has been plagued by delays and periodic gridlock over many years, so it is also welcome news for residents and businesses of Nottinghamshire who will experience much needed relief to traffic congestion around Newark – offering enormous economic benefits to road users and industry alike. I wish to extend my thanks to Rt Hon Robert Jenrick, MP for Newark and Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government, for his support of the scheme.

“This project is also especially important given the plans for up to 10,000 new homes in Newark by 2026. Several important businesses, including British Sugar, Vodaphone, Knowhow and Wilkinson’s rely on these roads. We know that congestion here can have a serious impact on the local and regional economy.

“The dual carriageway will mean that companies can keep their goods moving and will mean that the area will no longer be hampered by these kind of serious traffic problems.”

Between 2012 and 2016 journey times at this section of the A46 have gone up by around a third at afternoon peak times.

As well as widening the A46 north of Newark to a dual carriageway, the A46 Newark Northern Bypass Scheme will see improvements to the last section of the A46 between the A1 and M1, and improvement of the A46/A1 junction, to allow for better traffic movement to Newark and Lincoln.


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