New committee to lead renewal and recovery of Nottinghamshire as it emerges from COVID-19 crisis

19 May 2020

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Nottinghamshire County Council has announced plans to form a dedicated committee to oversee the county’s recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak. 

In the first Full Council Meeting since the Lockdown, councillors will next week (28 May) discuss a report proposing to form a new COVID-19 Resilience, Recovery and Renewal Committee. Given that the previously scheduled Annual General Meeting (AGM) was cancelled due to the COVID-19 emergency, this extraordinary meeting has been called to consider some of the business ordinarily carried out at the AGM.

It is proposed that the new committee will review the Council’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and manage policy development relating to the county’s recovery, including the Council’s approach to the renewal of the local economy and reform of local government services, including the future structure of local government in Nottinghamshire.

Councillor Kay Cutts MBE, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said:

“I am proud of the way this authority has responded to the needs of our communities during the Coronavirus outbreak. We have been a lifeline for those whose needs are greatest, whether that means delivering essential foods and medicines or providing care to those who need it.  We have also made sure that there has been a continued supply of PPE to enable our care workers to continue their duties.

“The proposed formation of this new committee is important because it will establish a dedicated forum where vital issues relating to COVID-19 can be given full consideration.  It will allow us to look at all aspects of how the virus has impacted on the lives of our residents, our workforce and the economic implications. The committee will enable us to come up with solutions in a democratic way that the public can engage with.

“I am hopeful that this committee can meet as early as possible so people can see for themselves how well we are responding to the crisis and supporting our communities.  The committee can examine how we plan to respond to the financial challenges presented to this council and the wider economic impact felt across Nottinghamshire.”

Residents will not be able to attend the AGM in person due to limitations on numbers to enforce social distancing, but can instead watch the meeting online where it will be live-streamed.

The meeting will also see the traditional handing over of the Chairmanship from Councillor Kevin Rostance to Councillor Stuart Wallace in a ceremony that will respect social distancing measures.

Councillor Kay Cutts said: “We are taking our lead from Westminister and pressing ahead to meet as a Council as safely and as soon as we can do. We have carefully planned the layout of the Chamber so that our councillors, our staff and the public remain safe whilst maintaining our commitment to local democracy”. 

The Council’s AGM will take place on Thursday 28 May at 10:30am in the Council Chamber.  Twenty-one councillors will be in attendance representing all the political parties. 

The committee papers for next week's AGM can be viewed here

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