More than 90% of Nottinghamshire parents have been offered their preferred secondary school

06 March 2018


Over 200 more Nottinghamshire children than last year have been offered their parents’ first preference secondary school (91.7%) for this September (2018) which is 8,008 students out of a total of 8,731.

Thursday, 1 March - known as National Offer Day - sees parents across the country find out which secondary school their child has been allocated.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s committee chairman for children and young people’s services Councillor Philip Owen said: “As the cohort of children needing a place at secondary school continues to rise, we are particularly pleased that the number of Nottinghamshire residents securing a place at their first preference school remains above 90%.”

And nearly 98% of residents living across the county have been offered one of their four preferred secondary schools.

"We are also delighted that so many parents have secured places for their children at one of their preferred schools, “added Coun Owen.

“We’re, of course, determined to keep improving on these figures in years to come. This includes continuing our work to encourage parents to use all four of their preferences on their application rather than only making one.

“However, this year, and against all our advice, 50% of Nottinghamshire parents relied on putting down just one preference on their application to secure a school place which, in some cases, will have limited their options.”


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