Harworth planning application refused

28 October 2019

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Nottinghamshire County Council has refused planning permission for the proposed development of an energy from waste facility at Lords Wood Road in Harworth. The planned facility would have burnt up to 320,000 tonnes of waste each year within a building measuring 30.6m high and a 65m high chimney stack. 

Significant objections were raised by the local community to the development, including 1657 objections from the public. 

In the decision to refuse planning permission for the development, the County Council identified a series of concerns including:

  • adequacy of the environmental information submitted in support of the planning application
  • failure to demonstrate that there was sufficient waste locally available to process in the facility
  • whether the operating efficiency of the facility would comply with national standards aimed at minimising carbon emissions from waste incineration facilities. 
  • scale and height of the development
  • visual impact
  • potential to adversely impact the wider economic regeneration of Harworth
  • safety of emissions
  • potential for noise, odour and vermin from the plan
  • traffic concerns

 Councillor Chris Barnfather, Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council Planning and licensing Committee, said:

"Clearly the content of this particular planning application was causing significant concern within the local community, as evidenced by the 1,657 objections registered by members of the public.

"We felt it important therefore that residents should be informed of the decision to refuse this application, for the reasons stated, as soon as possible and by as wider means as possible, in order to provide some reassurance to objectors and the wider community."


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