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Creating low speed neighbourhoods

13 January 2021

A new Highway Design Guide, formally adopted by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Policy Committee today, will help pave the way for low speed neighbourhoods that inspire residents to walk and cycle rather than take the car.

The new guide offers housing and business developers up to date, simple and concise technical guidance that allows them to design and build streets that provide a safe and attractive environment for Nottinghamshire residents to live, work and travel that can then be adopted by the Council as the Highway Authority.

The document focuses on the design of residential streets with a design speed of up to 20mph, main streets up to 30mph and roads serving commercial and industrial developments. It also includes guidance on environmentally friendly highway drainage systems such as Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDS) and infiltration drainage.

Councillor Cottee, Chairman of Communities and Place Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said:

“We want Nottinghamshire to be a great place to live so it’s important that roads and streets in new developments are attractive for residents and safe, particularly for young children.  They also need to be well connected to education settings, training, jobs and leisure and we want more people to be able to access these by bike and on foot.  This new guide puts us in a strong position to work with transport consultants, architects, town planners, urban designers and developers to achieve all of this.”

The new Nottinghamshire Highway Design Guide, which has undergone extensive public consultation, will replace previous guidance originally adopted in 2009 and will be used alongside national guidance.

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