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County Council statement on Ukraine

24 February 2022

County Hall Nottinghamshire County Council cross party response on the developing situation in Ukraine from Councillor Ben Bradley MP, Councillor Kate Foale and Councillor Jason Zadrozny

"On behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, elected members unanimously condemn the actions of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government and express our horror at the disregard for human life, national sovereignty, and the international rule of law. 

This Council stands with the people of Ukraine and their friends and relatives living in Nottinghamshire. This is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation by a rogue state. The people that will suffer the most will be civilians on both sides. 

We express our unity and support for the democratically elected Government and the people of Ukraine and call on the UK Government and its NATO allies to offer the maximum possible support, humanitarian aid and military support for the Ukrainian people."

The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is urging people to donate to help  provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection for families fleeing the conflict  Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee (


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