County Council secures clear-up of illegal waste site in Newark

02 December 2019

Long-term action by Nottinghamshire County Council to shut down an illegal waste site has been successful after years of work, and the site has been cleared.

The County Council first became aware that waste materials were being deposited on the land off Bowbridge Road, Newark, in January 2015.

Council officers investigated the problem jointly with the Environment Agency, which then started enforcement action to stop more waste materials being dumped on the site. However, when it became clear that the Environment Agency’s case could not be taken forward, County Council officers pursued the issue under planning legislation.

Requests for the waste to be removed were not complied with and the County Council served an enforcement notice in May 2018, requiring that all waste materials be removed. 

The landowner subsequently lodged an appeal against this notice with the Planning Inspectorate, but this appeal was dismissed by a Planning Inspector in April 2019, and the requirements of the enforcement notice took effect.

While the landowner did not remove the mixed waste materials within the time limits specified in the enforcement notice, the County Council is pleased to report that the mixed waste has now been removed following the threat of prosecution proceedings beginning.

Sally Gill, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Group Manager for Planning, said “Unauthorised waste development causes considerable disruption and nuisance to surrounding neighbours and businesses.

“As in this case, the County Council will investigate all alleged breaches of planning control thoroughly and take appropriate action against the perpetrators and/or landowners to ensure that the breach of planning control is remedied, including formal enforcement action and prosecution where necessary.

“In this case, the waste was deposited without the landowner’s permission. The County Council recommends that all landowners ensure that their premises are kept secure and regularly checked.”


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