County Council restores full capacity at Southwell Racecourse

16 July 2019

Nottinghamshire County Council has restored the full capacity at Southwell Racecourse, after managers at the venue worked closely with the county council to address previous concerns over safety management issues.

Back in November 2018 the county council reduced the capacity at Southwell Racecourse from 3380 to 3056, over concerns regarding shortcomings in the safety culture at a senior level and the way that maintenance and development projects were being managed. 

The county council’s emergency planning team have worked closely with the racecourse managers, who have addressed the areas of concern. Following a recent inspection by council officers, the full capacity of their stands is to be restored, and the venue’s safety certificate updated. 

Councillor John Handley, Vice-Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities and Place Committee, said:
“We’re delighted that the racecourse has made the necessary changes and improvements to address the previous concerns.”

“We are committed to ensuring that venues in Nottinghamshire remain safe for all their visitors and employees. Our emergency planning team work closely with partners that manage venues across the county to ensure safety regulations are adhered to.”

A copy of the safety certificate for Southwell Racecourse is available on request by emailing



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