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County Council Chairman strives to help visually impaired community

23 September 2020

Councillor Wallace wearing glasses provided by the charity replicating sight loss caused by Macular Degeneration Looking at the Chairman through simulation glasses, representing Macular Degeneration

Councillor Stuart Wallace, Chairman for Nottinghamshire County Council is gathering support and donations for his chosen charity, My Sight Notts. 

The launch of his fundraising campaign coincides with National Eye Health Week, 21-27 September, where attention across the country will be drawn to the importance of looking after eye health and getting regular eye tests.

Councillor Wallace said: “I chose to support My Sight Notts during my time as Chairman because I think the charity offers fantastic support to blind and partially sighted people. 

“I think it must be truly devastating for a person to lose their sight. The support that My Sight Notts offers, such as assistive technology, goes directly to the people in Nottinghamshire who need it the most, so you know that your money is going to help someone in your own community.” 

Councillor Wallace learned more about the charity and how they help the local community in the video below. To raise awareness of the importance of eyesight tests and to help raise funds for the charity, he volunteered to wear a pair of simulation glasses provided by the charity, which replicate sight loss caused by Macular Degeneration, the most common form of sight loss: 

Councillor Wallace was even more determined to help the charity after he heard of the impact Covid-19 has had on blind and partially sighted people, leaving them less independent and unable to follow social distancing guidelines in places like shops. 

He said: “People with visual impairments have been impacted by Covid-19, leaving some people more isolated than ever. Having a visual impairment stops people from being able to socially distance properly, and even those with guide dogs have struggled, as the dogs have not been trained to keep a social distance. 

“These issues have left many people with visual impairments unable to leave the house and live an independent life. 

“This is why it’s now more important than ever to lend support to charities like My Sight Notts, who are helping people by offering emotional support and advice as well as providing technology to help in their day-to-day lives.” 

Michael Conroy, CEO at My Sight Notts, welcomed the support from Councillor Wallace. He said: “Visually impaired people are amongst the most socially isolated in our communities and the pandemic has made the situation worse because many people with sight loss struggle to maintain social distancing as they cannot see others around them and are now afraid to go out alone. We want to tackle isolation and this loss of independence by expanding our telephone befriending support and increasing the capacity of our technology advice services; but this is difficult at a time when our fundraising efforts have been badly impacted by Coronavirus.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Councillor Stuart Wallace has named My Sight Notts as his chosen charity, his fundraising and awareness raising support will make a huge difference to our small local charity and to the blind and partially sighted people of Nottinghamshire who need our help more than ever before.”  

If you would like to help support the Chairman’s charity, you can do so by donating on his dedicated JustGiving page. All funds raised will go to My Sight Notts.

Visit the JustGiving page: 

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