Consultation on Admission Arrangements for Notts Schools for 2020-2021

22 November 2018

Consultation on admission arrangements for 2020-2021 is now open

An eight-week consultation on the admission arrangements for 2020-2021 for Nottinghamshire community and voluntary controlled schools is now underway and will close on 15 January 2019.

The consultation will look at two options which directly relate to a recent School Adjudicator decision where it was ruled that the 2019-2020 criteria for Abbey Road Primary School was unfair.   The Schools Adjudicator ruled the criteria was unfair on the grounds that children who had expressed a preference for their catchment school and who could not be offered a place had been displaced and that younger siblings who had a displaced older sibling should be given greater priority.

As a result the County Council revised its 2019-2020 admission arrangements for Abbey Road Primary School and is now seeking views for arrangements for 2020-2021. 

The two options include proposals to change the criteria for:

A         community and voluntary schools in the West Bridgford planning area only to include priority for children who have a displaced older sibling attending the school.

This takes into the account the schools that were also oversubscribed in 2018 in the Rushcliffe area and the proximity of Abbey Road Primary School to these other community schools. The schools this would apply to are Jesse Gray Primary School, Lady Bay Primary School and West Bridgford Infant School.

B         for all community and voluntary controlled schools in the County to include priority for children who have a displaced older sibling attending the school.

The consultation will also include oversubscription criteria, in year admission arrangements, proposed changes to admission numbers and how admission arrangements are coordinated.

Councillor Philip Owen, chairman of Children and Young People’s Committee, said:

“The County Council has a statutory responsibility to consult on changes to admission arrangements for 2020-2021 and this year we are offering an eight week period until the 15th January for people to give us their views.

“It is often not possible to predict oversubscription within a catchment area in the future as parental preference and demand for school places can vary significantly from year to year.”

Find out more and give your views on the proposed options.


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