Chairman to attend Major Oak Woodland Festival

04 June 2018

Nottinghamshire County Council Chairman Councillor Mrs Sue Saddington has a busy calendar of events this week.

She will be hosting Bassetlaw Primary School’s Council here at County Hall on Tuesday, at midday, as pupils get the chance to experience local democracy in action.

On Thursday at 4.30pm, the Chairman will attend the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay at the Victoria Embankment in Nottingham.

On Saturday, at 7pm, there is a visit to The Together Again concert, at the Crescent Centre, in Bull Farm, Mansfield. Musicians Julian Cleff, piano, and Victoria Gray, mezzo-soprano, have recently been on a tour managed by Lost Chord, where they have performed in nursing homes to help people suffering with Alzheimers, and the concert on Saturday will see some of these inspiring stories shared with the audience.

There is a Queen’s Birthday concert taking place at Southwell Minster on Sunday at 9.30am, and at 2pm on Sunday, the Chairman will be at Sherwood Forest for a special festival dedicated to the world-famous forest.

The Chairman will join the Sherwood Forest Trust for a very special weekend celebrating the life and history of the great British woodland, as it holds the annual Major Oak Woodland Festival in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

With demonstrations and displays throughout the weekend, the public will see the traditional and modern day management techniques that have shaped the Sherwood Forest we see today. The event is in partnership with the county council, and key sponsors are two local companies, the Bowring Group and the Woodhead Group, both based in north Nottinghamshire. The event organisers are proud and privileged to have the support of both companies and thank them for their financial contributions which make it all possible.


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