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Cancer ward receptionist kicks the smoking habit

13 October 2021


A cancer ward receptionist from Arnold has successfully quit smoking after 25 years thanks to a free specialist support service commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council. 57 year old Paul Woodward originally smoked 20 cigarettes a day and managed to reduced this to five, but was unable to kick the habit on previous attempts.

He got in touch with Your Health Your Way after spotting an article in a staff newsletter at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

Paul is now encouraging other people to get similar support as part of this year’s Stoptober campaign.

Paul said: “I work on a paediatric oncology ward and it just seemed hypocritical to smoke. I didn’t like the smell of it, the shortness of breath or tiredness. It was just anti-social.

“Your Health Your Way put a strategy in place for me. I used to get up and have a cigarette with a cup of tea. I came off tea and went onto coffee. I also got up later and changed my routine. I used to have a couple of cigarettes in the evening, so I found other jobs to do instead like washing the pots. Your Health Your Way sent me patches and lozenges which helped. I had weekly calls with an advisor to see how I’d got on and where I’d struggled. It was a big motivation having that call every week for support.

“Now I’ve quit, I’ve got a lot more energy. I feel a lot healthier and feel better in myself as well. I work on a very active ward and I’m on the go all the time. I used to get in from work and be shattered but now I do a lot more things, like walking and swimming.

“If anyone else is thinking about quitting, I’d encourage them to go for it and take the advice from Your Health Your Way because they know what they’re on about.”

Councillor Boyd Elliott, Committee Chairman for Adult Social Care and Public Health, said: “Well done to Paul for getting the support he needed to finally kick the habit. By getting professional advice, you’re four times more likely to succeed, so please get in touch and don’t struggle on alone.”

Your Health Your Way is operated by ABL Health and funded by the County Council. The service offers a range of 1-1 and drop-in sessions as well as telephone and digital support and includes a full range of free nicotine replacement therapy alongside weekly support from stop smoking advisors. Advisors support people to understand why they smoke, manage their cravings, and deal with relapses.


If you would like support to stop smoking contact Your Health Your Way:

0115 7722515.


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