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Big investment for Local Area Co-ordinators in Notts

08 February 2021


Councillors at Adult Social Care and Health Committee have today approved more than £200,000 for an innovative project which will see local co-ordinators empower people to get more involved in their communities.

The Local Area Co-ordinators scheme will champion people to be more independent and make a difference in their area. Three co-ordinators will be based around the county who will aim to reach people who have low level health and social care needs but are at risk of those needs escalating.

The co-ordinators will work alongside partners in the health, social care and voluntary sectors and support people to make links between them and the assets that already exist in the community, as well as helping people to set up new groups or activities if gaps are identified.

The scheme supports people to make their contribution and encourages them to share skills and values, rather than seeing people as problems to be managed.

Councillor Tony Harper, Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee, said: “The scheme empowers people to take control of their life and focus on the positive contribution they can make to their community.

“It has worked incredibly successfully in other areas as a great way of bringing communities together, getting people involved in local solutions and also to help avoid crisis situations for people who may otherwise have needed social care support. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the scheme in Nottinghamshire and how it could help our own communities thrive.”

Funding has been agreed for a two year pilot of the scheme.

Case study from another area

Anne contacted a Local Area Coordinator to ask for help after her partner passed away suddenly. Anne’s partner had been her main carer and was the named tenant of the council property they lived in together.  As well as a great sense of loss, she felt anxious and overwhelmed wondering how she was going to cope.  Anne also had a number of serious long-term health conditions which impacted on her daily activity and mobility.  Anne had spoken to someone at the Housing Department who told her she would ‘need to present as homeless’. She felt anxious and upset and feared she would lose her home.

The Local Area Co-ordinator:

  • Spent time listening and empathising with what a difficult situation Anne was in and together they made an immediate plan of action
  • Supported Anne to contact the Housing Management Officer to find out whether she would be able to stay in her home. They said they had no immediate intentions of asking Anne to leave the property, but she would need to provide evidence she had lived there for over a year to succeed the tenancy.
  • Helped Anne to gather the proofs she needed to give her claim to the tenancy and her partner’s belongings.
  • Helped Anne to initiate a social care assessment and a referral for a warden call system.
  • Whilst waiting for support to be put in place the Local Area Coordinator offered support alongside another local citizen who provided regular visits, emotional and practical support, and information.


  • Avoiding crisis – Anne was able to stay in her home and be independent with support to get through the initial difficult time after the loss of her partner and help to make arrangements for longer term support from adult social care.
  • Building resilience – Anne is now feeling more in control of life and confident about managing her future. She is now able to focus on managing her grief.
  • Building connections – Anne is building her support network in the community after making links through the Local Area Coordinator.


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