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Bassetlaw mental health plans under scrutiny

07 July 2021


Councillors from the Health Scrutiny Committee will be speaking with senior leaders from Bassetlaw CCG and Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust about planned changes to mental health services in the north of the county.  The next planned meeting with the Health Scrutiny Committee is the 13 July which is just one week before the CCG is due to make crucial decisions about the future of these services.

The proposed changes for Bassetlaw include extensive transformation of community based mental health services in Bassetlaw as well as the potential move of inpatient services for adults and older people’s mental healthcare to new and refurbished sites in Mansfield, at Sherwood Oaks and Millbrook respectively.

This potential move would shift services away from the old, isolated wards with dormitory accommodation and offer inpatient mental health services in modern, purpose-designed wards which meet national guidelines and are linked to other on-site mental health services and staff with safe, en-suite single rooms for patients.

The proposals went out to public engagement between 10 February and 18 April 2021.

Councillor Sue Saddington, Chairman of Health Scrutiny Committee, said: “I am very interested to hear the results of the engagement process. Although the Executive Summary has been shared, we are still awaiting the full documentation that is being provided to Bassetlaw CCG Governing Body on the 13 July.”

“In particular, I would like to understand whether the travel to the new facility will have an impact on carers and staff and, if so, how this will be mitigated.”

Bassetlaw CCG’s Governing Body will decide on the proposals at its meeting on 20 July.


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