Action taken at Manton Pit Wood

17 July 2019

Work is to begin at Manton Pit Wood with the installation of new signs, fencing and CCTV to try and reduce unauthorised use of the site by off-road bikers.

Manton Pit Wood is located just to the south east of Worksop on the restored colliery spoil heaps of the former Manton Colliery. The large site has a mixture of coniferous and native broadleaf woodland and lowland heath along with a network of surfaced tracks suitable for cycling and walking. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the site it also has a long-standing problem with off road vehicles with the main ‘hotspot’ known as the sand bowl, directly accessible by off-roaders from a layby on the A57. 

Following several meetings with various stakeholders including the police, Bassetlaw District Council and VIA East Midlands, a series of actions have been agreed to try and curb the illegal use of the site. From Tuesday (16 July):

  • Signage will be erected on site, warning off-roaders that they are not authorised to use the site, and warning the public about the problem.
  • There will be ongoing police presence.
  • Community Protection Notices will be issued by Bassetlaw District Council, where details of off-roaders are obtained.
  • A mobile CCTV camera will be installed by Bassetlaw District Council to act as a deterrent and to be used for enforcement.
  • Metal fencing will be installed along the rear of the A57 layby by the County Council, to make access onto the site at this point more difficult.
  • The South Tip (the main problem area) will be temporarily closed to the public.

Councillor John Cottee, Communities and Place Committee Chairman at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Manton Pit Wood is not a site for off road bikers, nor has it ever been and using the site in this way is illegal. Public safety is our number one concern - that’s why we’ve taken the tough decision to temporarily close the South Tip."

“Over the years the council and volunteers have worked hard to rejuvenate Manton Pit Wood - restoring the tracks and trails, enhancing wildlife habitats and creating new areas of heath and we don’t want this hard work and funding to be wasted by people abusing the site.”

The closure to South Tip will take effect on Tuesday, and will be indicated by signs at the access points. These, and the warning signs to off-roaders, will be inspected regularly, and replaced as required.


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