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Our vision and funding priorities

The South Nottinghamshire LEADER vision is: "To create growth and new jobs culminating in a competitive rural economy built on an entrepreneurial business and community culture which capitalises on the area’s industry, heritage, culture and land uses."

To deliver its vision, the South Nottinghamshire LEADER Programme has been awarded a LEADER budget of around £1.3m.

To secure these funds, the Local Action Group (LAG) developed a Local Development Strategy (LDS) [PDF] for the area, which will be at the root of all decision making.

The LDS was developed through local consultation during 2014. Parts of it were developed with information known at that time to help secure LEADER funds but some of that information has since changed. The LDS and annual Delivery Plans will continue to evolve over time in response to local needs but they will always be 'owned' locally by the LAG.

South Nottinghamshire priorities

The South Nottinghamshire LEADER priorities are:

  • to facilitate, develop and grow new and existing businesses by reducing the barriers to growth, supporting home working and creating the conditions to support would be entrepreneurs to prosper retaining local skills and GVA in rural areas
  • to support land based farm businesses to boost productivity and resilience – including diversification to support growth in income and job creation – including farm based jobs
  • to strengthen the tourism offer by increasing visitor awareness, understanding and enjoyment of the products on offer and experiences available in the South Nottinghamshire LEADER area – creating an accessible landscape lying at the heart of three cities – and joining up the diverse stories to tell. Examples include textile history, waterways, farming, food sport geology etc.
  • to promote natural and built heritage – no longer being pursued in South Nottinghamshire 
  • to bring more woodland into active sustainable management – building the capacity of businesses working in the woods and local markets – including the encouragement of co-operation and innovation in new techniques and products
  • to develop innovative approaches to the improvement, expansion and delivery of rural services to support the development of bespoke services that target local needs and have the potential for income generation.

Eligible activities

Types of activities which are eligible for funding include:

  • investments in machinery and equipment to improve farm production and increase output and productivity
  • grants to start a new business – including the costs of new workshops or premises or the costs of machinery or equipment
  • capital investment in new accommodation and projects enhancing the local tourism product
  • small scale village infrastructure projects or new or improved village services
  • funding for projects that add value to forest projects through processing, mobilisation or marketing.

Further information

  • check the examples listed on pages 18-22 of the South Nottinghamshire Local Development Strategy (LDS) [PDF]
  • review the Applicant Handbook when available, which gives comprehensive guidance on the types of eligible and ineligible spend within project priorities.

Find Out More

To discuss a project idea or to find out how to become more involved in the local LEADER partnership, contact:

  • Craig Edson
  • South Nottinghamshire LEADER Programme Officer
  • (0115) 977 2686
  • Email Craig Edson

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