The Nottinghamshire Way

The Nottinghamshire Way is an approach intended to create and sustain a positive and inclusive culture that reflects all our collective values and behaviours. The aim is to help us continue developing the key attributes and skills we need our leaders, managers and employees to demonstrate to underpin delivery of the Council Plan.

Our values and behaviours

The Nottinghamshire Way values and behaviours

These values and behaviours have been identified as the result of engagement with different teams, and are those which staff have said are most important to us as an organisation:

  • Open and accountable
  • Trust
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Ambitious
  • Person / resident focused
  • Resourceful
  • Positive
  • Courageous
  • Equality and Respect
  • Collaborative
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Caring and Compassionate

We want to ensure that these qualities are right across everything that we do, so we all work in a positive environment where we all feel valued, empowered and supported.

The intention is that our values and behaviours will be reflected in our approach to delivering the Nottinghamshire Plan and will determine how we plan to reach our goals, how we want to operate, how we do business, deliver services, and work collaboratively with both internal and external partners.


The goals of the Nottinghamshire Way include:   

  • Developing a shared understanding of Nottinghamshire County Council’s vision and goals
  • Working together to deliver the Nottinghamshire Plan and improve outcomes for our residents
  • Promoting an inclusive culture that reflects all our collective values and behaviours
  • Promoting a culture where employees feel valued and empowered to share information and knowledge, build relationships, and recognise each other’s achievements
  • Building better and more effective collaboration and partnership working in practice
  • Creating consistency in use of language, symbols and conversations across all departments
  • Building on positives, including strength-based approaches and existing departmental change programmes
  • Creating a cycle of continuous improvement
  • Building greater confidence in leadership and management
  • Building and maintaining personal and collective resilience
  • Trusting people to act independently


Different activities across the council are designed to support us and strengthen our approach, to help us to deliver the Nottinghamshire Plan in the Nottinghamshire Way. These are illustrated below:

The Nottinghamshire Way activities

Strategic Drivers

  • The Nottinghamshire Plan
  • Covid-19 Resilience and Recovery work
  • Cross Cutting Transformation Programmes
  • New Governance Arrangements
  • Internal Communication and Engagement Strategy

Building on Positives

  • Distributive Leadership Model
  • Hybrid Working
  • ASCH Departmental Change Programme
  • Strength Based Approaches
  • Engagement work with Partners and Districts

Leadership and Employee Development

  • New Leadership and Development Programme
  • New and Aspiring Team Managers Development Programme
  • Employee Development Programme
  • Employee Development Programme
  • Employment Opportunities Strategy including Apprenticeschips, Graduates, work experiences
  • Internal Coaching Network

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Roadshows and Focus Groups
  • Sessions delivered by external Guest Speakers
  • EDPRs and Supervision Support
  • Additional activities for Under-represented Groups
  • Ongoing work with Trade Unions and Self-Managed Groups

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