4Uth 2020 winners

Serena and Phoenix Martin, 14 and 12, Beeston

Serena and Phoenix Martin

Serena and Phoenix's father sadly passed away after a long period of illness. It has been a very tough and sad time for both of them and their family, especially as the pandemic has thrown all of the normal processes of grieving into disarray.

Serena and Phoenix have proved that they are both brave and resilient young people. They come from a large family, with four other siblings living at home, as well as extended family. This meant that it was a very busy environment and Serena and Phoenix took on a lot of extra roles to make sure that things continued to function well while the family were grieving.

They have both helped out a lot with their younger siblings, making sure that they were getting up on time for school, that they were dressed and had breakfast before they left home. They also helped out at bedtimes with the younger children. Their positive attitude has also helped to lift the family at such a sad time.

Serena and Phoenix are helpful, thoughtful and caring, and have really stepped up to support their family during a very tough time.

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