4Uth 2020 winners

Regan Cattell, 17, Hucknall

Regan has faced significant challenges in recent years. In early 2020 he was the victim of exploitation and was subsequently arrested by the police. Since then, he has committed to making real changes by reassessing his friends, supporting his family and community, and has turned his life around.

Regan Cattell

Regan, who has learning difficulties, helps his mother who works during the daytime by taking care of his siblings, and mentors one of his younger siblings who became at risk through associations with local young people involved in criminal activity. Regan does the shopping, takes his siblings to school, and makes sure that they all follow Covid-19 precautions when they are outside.

Regan now works part time with a roofing company. He registered with CT skills Nottingham and has started his CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card training.

He is a keen angler and has set up a fishing activity for local elderly residents, encouraging them to socially distance while walking to the pond and fishing around the pond. This has helped older people in Hucknall to keep active and connected to their community. He has been active in challenging young people on social media who were circulating a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 isn't real.

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