4Uth 2020 winners

Jake Fletcher, Maddie Fletcher, Kenan Chambers and Dionne Williams, 13-17, Mansfield

Jake Fletcher, Maddie Fletcher, Kenan Chambers

Jake, Maddie, Kenan and Dionne came together during very challenging circumstances. They had been away from school, college, the youth club and most of their families for many months due to the pandemic, and sadly one of their close friends took his own life at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Since then, this group of young people have been there for each other, and decided to make a lasting tribute to their friend. This tribute is not only to commemorate their friend, but to remind all other young people who see it that they have a voice, that people will listen to them, and that they are not alone. 

Graffiti art

The group come together every week to create a lasting piece of art. They worked outside to prepare the wall, designed the display, and sprayed the art work, even when the weather was against them. The group created a space where they feel safe to share their feelings, and have a mutual respect for each others wellbeing.  They have developed a strong bond with each other.

The art work will be a lasting tribute to their friend. The walls had been left neglected for years with old graffiti art, but now with this new lease of life the area is vibrant and welcoming to young people across the whole community.

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