4Uth 2020 winners

Amy and Ella Meeks 17 and 15, Arnold

Amy and Ella Meeks

Ella and Amy Meeks set up a registered charity in 2018 called ‘kids against plastic’, to raise awareness of the issues around single-use plastic.

The Meek sisters have done their own TEDx talk to spread their message, and gathered a team of young people around the UK to tackle plastic pollution. Amy and Ella promote their charity by talking to schools and making videos. They have spoken at a range of different events, including business conferences and sustainability or youth empowerment events.

Amy and Ella have made a massive impact to the community by campaigning and raising awareness of single-use plastic. They have their own website which provides tools and resources to help people become better informed about the issue of plastic pollution. The site contains a variety of videos, links and information, including a range of lesson plans developed by the girls, for schools to use.

The girls provide free resources and free initiatives to help schools reduce their use of plastics. Their school’s initiative, Plastic Clever Schools, has over 950 schools registered. The girls have also participated in large litter pickups in different locations around the world, where they have picked up over 79,407 pieces of single-use plastic litter. Amy and Ella have formed strong links with partnerships that promote similar values.

Amy and Ella have shown the drive and determination to make a positive change and took on the mission themselves, whilst empowering other young people to believe they can make a difference.

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