4Uth 2019 winners

Overall winner: Jasmine Chapman, 11, Arnold

Jasmine attends Richard Bonnington School in Arnold. She was nominated for the award by Pastoral Teaching Assistant, Grace Collins.


Jasmine was nominated for several reasons, including her charity fundraising efforts, her sporting achievements, the way she has raised awareness of dwarfism in school and the community, and her overall approach to life.

Grace explains: “Jasmine has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. She decided she wanted to raise funds for Little People UK, a charity supporting people with the condition. She contacted Warwick Davis and asked him to come and help her give a school assembly and talk about dwarfism. He did so, providing a spellbinding afternoon of entertainment for the pupils. Jasmine and her mum worked tirelessly, collecting raffle prizes and putting on an amazing coffee morning, raising £1,500.


“Jasmine then set her sights on the Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSA UK), organising a fundraising day called 'Sport for All'. Pupils were able to try inclusive sports and raise money through sponsorship.

“Jasmine again enlisted celebrity support and Ellie Simmonds sent a personalised video, for an awareness assembly, where Tom Mills from DSA UK helped tell young people about dwarf sports. Another £1,400 was raised, which paid for inclusive PE equipment and also supported the work of DSA UK”.

The events and fundraising had a major effect on both the school and community. Jasmine helped many people to celebrate differences and to see the importance of attitude and approach to life in achieving goals.

Grace continues, “Last year Jasmine underwent major surgery to help straighten her spine, due to scoliosis. She showed no fear approaching the operation and made the most amazing recovery. She charmed everyone in the hospital with her positive attitude and outlook. As soon as she was able Jasmine was back doing what she loves most, getting involved in sport.

“She has a real passion for football and plays for the girls’ football team against other schools. She is a very talented player. She is also very good at Boccia and loves to swim.

This year Jasmine joined DSA UK and competed in the National Games in Birmingham, winning a number of medals. She wants to continue her involvement in sport, but knows, as she gets older, there will be fewer opportunities for her to compete in team games.  DSA UK will give her the chance to do what she loves and, as soon as she is old enough I predict Jasmine will represent the women’s football team at the DSA International Games”.

Grace concludes, “Jasmine doesn't let anything stand in her way.  As Jasmine started to notice she was different from her classmates, she set out to understand all about dwarfism and what it would mean for her. Jasmine then raised awareness in school and the community, so we could understand too.  She seems undaunted by anything and I am confident that she will be prepared for different challenges as she gets older. Jasmine is the sort of person that, wherever she goes, she will attract attention, for all the right reasons. Jasmine is truly inspirational”.

Councillor Tracey Taylor, Vice-Chairman of the Children and Young People Committee, said: “Jasmine’s belief in working hard and not letting anything stand in her way has served her well. She is an inspiring person, an aspiring sportswoman, and is more than worthy of this commendation.”


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