4Uth 2019 winners

Kelsie Cowen, 13, Bircotes


Kelsie was nominated for the award by Ann Marie Edwards, a youth worker at Bircotes Young People’s Centre. Ann Marie nominated Kelsie after being impressed by the way she has coped with bereavement and taken on the role as a carer to family members.

Ann Marie explains: “Kelsie lived with her grandmother and was her carer. She carried out daily cooking, cleaning, laundry and helped her grandma to get dressed. Sadly, her grandma passed away, and this had a significant impact on Kelsie. Her grandma had also been her guardian.”

Kelsie currently lives with her uncle. Her uncle has lupus and Kelsie is now a carer for him. She carries out tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and other day to day tasks. As well as caring for her uncle, Kelsie’s brother was involved in a serious accident and he too needs her help.

Ann Marie continues: “For someone who is only 13, Kelsie has endured many difficulties. Obviously losing her grandmother was a major blow.  Because of her current caring responsibilities, she often misses out on activities with her friends and rarely gets to go on holiday”.

Ann Marie concludes, “Kelsie takes some comfort from attending her local youth club at Bircotes Young People’s Centre, where she can meet with friends and be a ‘normal girl’ for a while. She is well liked at school and in the youth club.

Councillor Tracey Taylor, Vice-Chairman of the Children and Young People Committee, said: “The 4Uth awards aim to recognise young people who have had to overcome adversity. Kelsie has cared for her family at a young age, while coping with the loss of her grandmother. She is a deserving winner.”

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